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CADDY TV Episode 11 - Rick Goes Retro

Posted by CADDY on Feb 22, 2017 4:28:05 PM

Rick Goes Retro

Rick understands that not every job is completed at one time. When renovations, additions, or reworks are needed, it is important to be able to add new strut-based applications quickly and efficiently to existing threaded rod witout disturbing the existing utilities. In this video, Rick demonstrates two products:

CADDY TSR1220R is ideal for trapeze between 12" and 20", especially when the rod spacing is not known before showing up at the jobsite. The TSR1220R telescopes between 12" and 20" and accommodates strut hardware the entire length of the bar. It installs in four easy steps and is designed for a quicker and safer installation when compared to traditional retrofit methods.

Strut Trapeze Attachment Place (ISSP) is best used for retrofitting strut trapeze wider than 20". Unlike the TSR1220R, this product attaches to the end of pre-cut strut, and does not telescope to length. However, because the TSR1220R extends to a maximum of 20", the ISSP is best for larger trapeze.

Do not forget to pair either one with four CADDY SN Nuts to attach to the threaded rod!

The CADDY catalog offers a number of strut products too help in any situation, whether you are the first one on the jobsite or the last. Click below to learn more about CADDY strut solutions.

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