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CADDY TV Episode 15 - Rick's "Classic Problem-Solvers"

Posted by CADDY on Jun 2, 2017 10:41:55 AM

Rick's "Classic Problem-Solvers"


In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick talks about a few "classic problem-solvers" for supporting conduit on a flush wall, concrete wall, or in a studwall. 

The WC812 is a wall mount conduit clip that supports single runs of conduit to wall surfaces. This product is ideal for EMT support between wall studs with SGB/TSGB series brackets. The WC812 provides a push-in installation of conduit and eliminates the need for offset bending conduit.

PH0979m.jpgThe CCS812 is used with screw gun brackets to support conduit between studs. It is also used with a Footed Box Support for conduits in concrete pours. In addition to the WC812, this support also eliminates the need for offset bending conduit. 


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