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CADDY TV Episode 21 - Save Time Installing Conduit with the CADDY SBT18

Posted by CADDY on Feb 5, 2018 11:53:55 AM

Save Time Installing Conduit with the CADDY SBT18

The CADDY SBT18 is an innovative new solution for installing conduit to I-beam. Rick loves it because it comes out of the box ready to attach to the beam and the conduit hardware. Previously, installers used strut and beam hardware to attach conduit to the bottom of a beam. Now, contractors no longer need to complete time-consuming tasks like:

Cutting and transporting strut

Cutting and deburring strut and threaded rod can take a significant amount of time. Whether completed on-site or cut in advance, the process takes time and can be dangerous. Moving long lengths of strut can be cumbersome and difficult.

Working with strut hardware

Once the strut is cut and in place, it needs to be installed to the bottom of the beam. As Rick demonstrates in the video, the SBT18 attaches directly to a beam clamp and can quickly install to the beam, saving time and money.

Additionally, as Rick points out, the spacing of the clips also easily aligns the conduit to the box. The SBT18 is another way CADDY products make installing conduit easier than traditional methods. Click below to learn more.

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