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CADDY TV Episode 8 - Rick "Drops the Competition" with CADDY Drop Rod Series

Posted by CADDY on Aug 18, 2016 3:58:38 PM

Introducing the CADDY Drop Rod with Shot-Fire Bracket Series!

In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick goes over our Drop Rod with Shot-Fire range of assemblies. Some of your favorite CADDY Fasteners are available with Shot-Fire attachments as well as pre-assembled Drop-Rods in multiple lengths. This range of products features an integrated pin that installs to concrete, steel or composite metal decking using powder-actuated or single-shot gas-actuated tools. The rods are rigid and they do not require secondary attachment to the ceiling grid per NEC 300.11. 


Three unique features of this product include; superior packagaing, ease of doing business, and standardization. 

Superior Packaging: This is important because having a simple package design makes material handling and sorting much easier using the specialized packaging for the Drop Rod with Shot-Fire Series. 

Ease of Doing Business: This product series is available at your favorite CADDY distributor. It is stocked and available when you need it. Additionally, the rods are ready to install right out of the box.

Standardization: All of the Drop Rod with Shot-Fire Series works with our CADDY spring steel fasteners that are designed to attach to a rod. Knowing that this product is designed to work with our standard CADDY Fasteners helps with the planning process.

Looking for more info about the Drop Rod with Shot-Fire Series? Click here for more information including product features, specifications, data sheets, more. 

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