• Telescoping Strut Replacement with Basket
  • Telescoping Strut Replacement with Conduit
  • Telescoping Strut Replacement with Pipe
  • TSR1220R

The TSR1220/3050 is Finally Here!

The nVent CADDY Telescoping Strut Replacement is a time-saving innovation for all strut-based applications.

The nVent CADDY team has developed a new and improved telescoping strut replacement. The TSR1220/3050 extends to the desired length and locks into place, eliminating the need to measure or cut pieces of strut.

  • Standard Strut profile runs the entire length of the part, allowing most standard fittings to be placed anywhere between the rods
  • Pre-cut design is easier to transport and store than standard lengths of strut
  • Captive threaded nuts enable fastening to threaded rod supports without loose parts
  • Integrated ruler displays space between hanger rods in inches and centimeters

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